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Aurora Experience: DVD

Northern Lights DVD

Aurora Borealis -The Ultimate Cosmic Experience

The Magnifcent Northern Lights in Iceland on DVD

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The Aurora Borealis DVD: After years of observation and using unique technology developed by ourselves, we at Aurora Experience have succeeded in capturing extensive breath-taking, high quality footage of the Northern Lights in Iceland. Here at last are delightful images of this spectacular natural phenomenon as it appears in the crisp clear winter skies of Iceland. The film also includes dramatic images from the famous Aurora display of October 2003.

From time immemorial the Aurora Borealis has fascinated and inspired mankind. Many renowned scholars, including Aristotle, Goethe and Benjamin Franklin, were intrigued by the Northern Lights and attempted to explain it scientifically; while great poets such as Knut Hamsun and Carl Sandburg were inspired to write about it. The Aurora has frequently figured in wonderful myths and legends of Northern cultures: there are those who have seen it as dread omen of some terrible impending disaster; others have welcomed it as a heavenly sign boding some good fortune.

The scientific explanation behind the Aurora Borealis, together with the myths and legends associated with it are now beautifully presented in this informative and highly entertaining 72-minute long DVD edition. Along with a range of viewing option, there is a choice of 6 languages: English, French, German, Icelandic, Spanish and Japanese. Available is also an edition of the DVD in which there is a specially illustrated booklet included providing further detailed information on the Aurora in English and German. Just released, the DVD Aurora Borealis is a must for all those interested in the natural world.

This DVD is all about Northern Lights in Iceland.

These Video samples are heavily compressed, and therefore do not show the full guality and brilliance of the orginal footage.

Video Sample of the Northern Lights in a mountain Video Sample of the Northern Lights in green and red Video Sampl of the Northern Lights in red
Video Sample of the Northern Lights green color Video Sample of the Northern Lights in the sky Video Samples of the Northern Lights with mountain
Northern Lights in red colors Northern Lights and Glacier in Iceland

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