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Aurora Experience: About


AURORA EXPERIENCE was established in early 2003, as a result of the vast technical experience in the field of photography of its founders, Arnold Bj÷rnsson, Jˇhann ═sberg and Sigur­ur H. Stefnisson, combined with their willingness to push beyond the boundaries of traditional methods and travel down unexplored paths, managed to achieve their goal; to capture the Aurora in high color quality and real motion.


Since it became the property of the GT Group in 2007, AURORA EXPERIENCE has been putting all its energy into one aim ľ to provide thorough and sound understanding of the Aurora Borealis and to become one of the leading companies in services and information related to Northern Lights. This has been done by producing an amazing DVD with breathtaking aurora displays and footage.


Besides, AURORA EXPERIENCE is deeply involved in the travel business as it offers special services associated with the Northern Lights, including long trips and short evening tours involving visits to the Ghost Centre and Icelandic Wonders, a centre dedicated to Icelandic elves, trolls and the Northern Lights, as well as adventure hunt of the aurora borealis. This is done in cooperation with both centers and the coach company, Gu­mundur Tyrfingsson Ltd.


Aurora Experience is focused on Northern Lights tours in Iceland, which is one of the best places in the World to observe and admire the Northern Lights. 

The founders of Aurora Experience and staff are always working on improving the tours so your experience will be the best experience.

Northern Lights in Iceland Northern Lights in Iceland Northern Lights in Iceland















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