The Northern Light Deluxe Tour

Enjoy the hunt for the northern lights on a deluxe tour on a minibus. On the deluxe tour, we limit the group size to no more than 18 passengers on a small coach. Warm blankets are aboard the minibus so you don’t get too cold. We bring along Icelandic pastries and warm drinks to get a bit of warmth into our people during the cold night. Advise your costumers to dress extremely well, preferably in layers. After the tour, we drive our passenger back to their hotel. Guidance in English.

Please note: The northern lights are a natural phenomenon and sightings cannot be guaranteed even if the tour is operated. We decide after 17:00 every day if conditions are favorable to operate the tour.  We announce in Tour status and post on Facebook if we are not going ahead with the tour, but you can also call us on the day you are booked or ask your hotel reception whether we are operating or not. If you don´t see any Northern Lights on your Deluxe tour, you are welcome to join the Northern lights bus tour on another night for free. If you book a Northern Lights tour, but conditions do not allow us to run the tour during your stay, you will receive a full refund. Please note that if the tour is not operated or if you don’t see any lights, you must reschedule your tour by calling us at +354 551 1166 or e-mailing to – tours are not rescheduled automatically.

Tour Map

Practical tour information

Location: Away from the light pollution of the city

Duration: 3-5 hours

Pick up and Departures: 21:00 when condition allow from September to April.

Guidance: English speaking guide

This tour offers:

  • Minibus max 18 persons
  • Free pick up
  • English speaking guide
  • Twisted doughnuts and hot cocoa
  • Blankets
  • Drop off after the tour at your hotel or nearest drop off point

Pictures from the tour

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